Spirit of the Place Indiana Hill Country
"Whenever I begin work on a new book, I am reborn into a new world."
The Spirit of the Place
  Indiana Hill Country

Photographs by Darryl Jones
    Text by Janes Alexander Thom

"Native Hoosier frequently feel embarrassed  by the lack of a large-scale grandeur in our state. They too often overlook the beauty that is around them. The beauty of Indiana is often found in its suability which forces the viewer to be more responsive to what is before him."  Darryl Jones

Jones sees beyond the surface of nature to the basic elements  earth, air, water, and rock. His photograph are " contemplative studies on the metaphysics of nature, the invisible made visible, God's mind revealed," the pre-existing harmony which exists in nature if only we can see it.

Thom's text taking its inspiration from Jones's images, trace the cycle of life from birth in rural Gosport, to journalism in the big cities of the world, and then back again where he found both his voice as a writer and his spiritual rootedness.

"You have roots in a place or you don't: you can't force them. It helps to be born there, though that's not your choice to make. But there are things you do that feed and strengthen these roots.... And then you can die in that place, and if that is the place you want to die, then that's really where your roots are." James Alexander Thom

Darryl Jones has had numerous one-man shows in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland. His two previous books of photographs, Indiana (1984) and Indianapolis (1990), has been highly successful. 

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                                  THOM NOVELS GOING ELECTRONIC                                  

             Six of James Alexander Thom's historical novels have been selected to be included in Random House's Electronic Book (ebook) publishing program.
             The titles chosen for such formats as Amazon Kindle, iPod, and
         the Sony Reader are:
           LONG KNIFE
           THE RED HEART
           PANTHER IN THE SKY 

             The author finds the news good, but ironic, musing, "I use every bit of my skill  and imagination to take my readers hundreds of years into the past -- and now they'll visit those old days through the screen of an electronic gizmo."